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Which Domain name?

April 16th, 2010

Which Domain Extension?

Domain name is the address you type into your web browser ending in .com or .net or .co.uk ie google.com or google.co.uk or twitter.com Domain names can have a big influence on your SEO (search engine optimisation) and can influence the speed of indexing and how high your site is ranked, and can also have a very direct impact on how much money you can make.

It can be a difficult choice. You are looking for an SEO friendly domain. Keyword research is very important in any optimisation as ideally you are looking for a keyword that is searched for many times, but has low competition. This is an idealised view, and rarely seen so easily, but you get the general picture.

Once you have you a keyword or phrase it is important to use this phrase when choosing a domain name. Although the search engines haven’t come out and admitted it, all the evidence points to the fact that they see keywords and phrases as an important factor in ranking.

There are three categories of keyword matching options. Exact match, phrase match and broad match.

Exact Match matches your keyword or phrase in the domain exactly. For instance if your keyphrase is ‘bird seed’ then the exact match domain would be ‘birdseed.com ‘

Phrase match has the keywords in the right order in your domain but with an extra word also to create a new phrase. Using the bird seed example that could be ‘buybirdseed.com’

Broad match has the keywords in a different order, also with an extra word or two thrown in. For example ‘seedbirdonline.com’

There is also non keyword optimised domains, which don’t have any of your keywords included. Again taking the above example this could be ‘avianfood.com’

Generally non keyword phrases are most suited for companies with an established brand, or trying to build a brand. This doesn’t mean that these domains can not be used for your chosen keyphrase, it just makes it a little more difficult.

With all other ranking factors being equal then the search engines will rank in the following order: Exact, then phrase and finally broad.

In my next post I will discuss choosing the best domain if your keyword has been taken.

3 responses to “Which Domain name?”

  1. Mark says:

    Hi all…hope this post helps some of you, especially when choosing a domain name. Feel free to leave any questions or comments here. Thanks!

  2. Justin says:

    Hi, Very helpful article thank you!

    I’m hoping you can help some more. I have a product reseller e-commerce webite that is split into brand category structure i.e. domainname.com/brand1.html, domainname.com/brand2.html. I have been considering buying domains per brand that simply auto forward to my original site i.e. brand1.com auto forwards to domainname.com/brand1.html. I think this might be a good way of gaining some more business. Can you tell me if this will be viewed badly by the search engines?


    • Markcb says:

      Hi Justin,
      In this case I would be inclined to buy the domains names per brand and build a small site/landing page that you can then get ranked by the search engines. On this page will be the links through to your reseller ecommerce site. This way you can have a site per product ranking really well in the search engines. get plenty of backlinks pointing at your sites and use twitter and facebook etc to advertise it.
      By simply forwarding domain names to reseller sites will have no impact for you in the SE’s. let me know if you have any other questions.


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