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Twitter Spam Accounts

April 15th, 2010

Twitter spam is driving me mad!

Ok, so approximately 75% of my followers this morning were newly created spam accounts. How can you tell? Well it’s not easy, but there are 3 particular ones doing the rounds at the moment. These are indentifiable by the contents of their ‘Bio’. There are literally thousands of these accounts being created so whatch out. If an account has any of the following 3 Bio’s then give it a miss, it is automatically created, and spam.

1. Discuss Yoga, Discover life, tell you YOGA STORY,YOGA DIARY,YOGA KNOWLEDGE,WEIGHT LOSS,BEAUTY – These twitter accounts lead to a site yoga-diary.us AVOID

2. I’m an ordinary people who are using twitter. I’d like to collect useful twitter tips and categorise them properly .

3. This the land of trick,here you find some trick about wordpress,google adsens,twitter,joomly,seo firefox. These accounts lead to a site called dailyonetrick.com AVOID

4. Look out for the name “Michelle Yeong”. This is another automatically created account name, with hundreds of different versions.

5. The name “John Google”. As above

6. The BIO: “Here you can Find all about Cooking Fans, pictures, photos, videos, fans, biography, reviews and everythings.”
This bio points through to a site ‘cooking-fans.info’ and is just a crappy blog with a bit of adsense on it. There must be so many twitter accounts now pointing to this site that I wonder why Twitter can’t keep control and block them all.

I think the new Twitter interface is great, gives you a better view of what someone is about.

7. If you see a post that says “I like make friend, please come with me,I love you!” it is a spam…there’s hundreds like it. I really don’t think I needed to tell you that!

8. Have seen another regular update from dozens of different profiles. Any updates that say “My mother was sick, in a bad mood the past few days!” AVOID.

Come on spammers, sort your grammar out!

There may be more, and if you know of any please add them to the comments on this page and we can warn people awayfrom these destructive, time-wasting spammers!



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