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Social Media

February 26th, 2011

Social Media Benefits

Social media is a way of life these days. It is how the modern world talks, evaluates, communicates, does business and even advertises. Having a social media presence is absolutely crucial. Not only does it drive targeted traffic to your business, it also improves your organic search listings as Google now uses ‘social proofing’ as part of its search algorithm. A retweet or a like on Facebook is a vote for your site, a sign of its popularity and authority. It’s simply a must.

Social Media now represents a huge opportunity for your business to grow. With the recent Google ‘Penguin’ update the rankings and authority of your website are inextricably linked with the activity you have on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin etc.

The great thing about Social proofing your site is that you can start receiving visitors, sales and clients immediately. With old style ranking on the search engines it could be months, or even longer, before a business had tangible results.

If you’re still slightly behind in the world of social media and it’s benefits when it comes to business, you can contact us here at WebTraffic SEO to get your company up and running in the world of social media.

What are the benefits of getting social?

One of the most obvious reasons to use social media is for branding. Getting your name out there in the online world is the best way to make yourself known. Whether consumers use your business or not, they will still see your brand name amongst popular networks. This leaves an impression on readers. The more often they see your brand, the more likely they will be to remember you, which creates vast brand awareness for your business.

Regardless of your business type, having a way to manage your reputation is also important and is one of the benefits to having an online social media presence. Whether you are part of the conversation or not, consumers will be posting remarks and talking about your company. Not only does a social media platform afford you, as a business owner, a way to interact with consumers, it also acts as a powerful tool for feedback.

Having a social media presence also means you can utilize the lead generations that can come from it. This means you can use this media as a way to attract and find new customers for your business. It is also a great way to make beneficial connections.

What are the types of social media?

There are several types of social platforms. Before getting involved in social media, we advise taking a look at the options. This is something that we can help with.

Social networks are one of the hottest forms of social media today. It is the way in which people and businesses with a similar background or interest connect. Bookmarking sites are a service that allows people to manage and save their favorite websites. People can also link and tag links for easy searchability.

Social news services are also popular. These websites allow people to post links and various news related items to outside articles where readers can then vote on the item. Media sharing is huge and has rapidly been incorporated into almost every form of social media. Use this option to upload and share photos and videos of your business.

Microblogging has exploded in popularity as Twitter continues to lead the platform pack on this one. A short burst of updates made as often as you wish is the way to get your message across while other forms of communicating such as blogs and forums allow for more lengthy messages and in-depth discussions.

To get your business involved in social media or just to get a quote, contact Web Traffic SEO Ltd today.

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