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Is SEO becoming Spam?

June 23rd, 2011

Hi all. Well I own an SEO business, but recently, more than usual, have been inundated with SEO spam. I receive at least 2 phone calls per day, and maybe up to 20 emails, all from SEO companies promising me top rankings for my chosen keywords. Clearly they haven’t bothered to check my website as there is a clue in the name as to why I don’ty need their services.

There was a time when I would write back to some of these businesses and point out the error of their ways, but this also was to no avail as they would simply come back with an offer for me to outsource my work to them. So for a while now I have been ‘junking’ the emails and not hearing from them again.

The same goes for the cold callers, except they can be a little harder to get rid of unless I am feeling particularly belligerent, in which case they get the short shrift. (Ordinarily I’m very polite).

So, my question to you, is do you receive a large volume of unwelcome emails and cold calls from alleged SEO professional, and do you consider this to be spam? Would love to know your thoughts or experiences, so feel free to comment.

Thanks all



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10 responses to “Is SEO becoming Spam?”

  1. Yes I also get sent emails about SEO, ranking page 1 etc and, like you, feel irritated as they obviously haven’t checked out my site first, might reply more if they had!? On that basis I view it as spam! That said, if I get a more personalised approach I try to reply. Simple sending unsolicited emails re basic SEO message is no way near enough to get attention these days, if it ever was!

    Atb Tamsin

    • Markcb says:

      Thanks Tamsin…I think email is just too easy and hits me as simply being lazy marketing. I’m sure there are plenty of great firms out there, but sometimes they get lost in the forest.

      Thanks for your comments.


  2. David L says:

    I consider them to be as spammy as any other aggressive direct-marketing/advertising. When someone contacts me to try and sell me something it is usually going to fall under the spam/irrelevant/annoying umbrella. If I want to buy something (be it a product or service) I’ll go buy it. I don’t want to be sold to.

  3. Tom says:

    The short answer: yes.
    I get pinged by twitter, email, and phone. The reason I consider it spam is it usually is directed to a 2 year old squeeze page with some lame video and 10 bogus testimonials. Very rarely is strategy or methodology discussed.

    Plus, in my consulting, clients seem to be more obsessed with social search and social ranking.

  4. Joey Thomas says:

    Omg yes! They drive me absolutely nuts.. one company called me every week for about 5 weeks. My fault really as I said we may consider using their services down the track once we have built the website, but I told them that would be a few months away.

    The fact that they called me so much showed me that they were struggling to get work.. so probably not the best company to hire in the first place. Unfortunately these companies continually seem to fail to see the stupidity to their own ways.

    I have a friend that works for a very good SEO firm, they have so much business that they have to ‘turn down’ about a third of their customers. These kind of companies wouldn’t be bothered wasting their time with cold calling and the personal recommendations from happy customers would speak for themselves.

  5. They wind me up when they don’t even bother to do there homework before calling me. Quoting things like we can improve your rankings and get you on page one of google -hello I am already there!- unless you researching from down south. I am a local driving school in Warrington, I don’t need national exposure.

  6. Alex says:

    I know what you mean – it’s a classic, you own an SEO business and get ‘hit up’ by some of the most abominable introductions from the most laughable companies – hopefully they will go the way of the Nigerian Prince scam and the whole world will know they are (not as dodgy) but as laughable.

  7. Paul says:

    I get plenty of unsolicited emails every week – all of them promising to increase my Google rank and get me on the front page. I just typed my name into Google and my website is right there at the very top – and my blog is in 2nd place! Type my name and business specialism and I get ALL of the front page.

    What intrigues me is that everybody who sends me this SEO spam uses a Gmail address and doesn’t appear to have their own website. Even more intriguing is that I will get an email purporting to be from ‘John Doe’ from anothername@gmail.

    A friend of mine, who runs a successful website, getting around 400,000 visits and 1.2million page views a month, gets load of these. He replies by either commenting on their use of a Gmail account or with “We’re already No. 1 on Google – are you?”

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  9. John says:

    The car salesman cliche! :) Its such a joke how many emails I get from SEO companies. Most of them don’t have a clue what they are doing either, but either do most people paying for SEO which is why they do. Not easy to check the quality of the work being done.

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