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September 24th, 2010


Twitter Following – How to Increase.

I have had a lot of emails recently regarding increasing your Twitter following so I have decided to post the details here, it is short and to the point, hope it helps.

The way Twitter works is that you follow people, and they follow you back, or vice versa. Unfortunately there are some strict limits applied. You can follow up to 2,000 people but after that you are limited to following only 1.1 times the number of people that are following you. So if you have 10,000 followers, you can follow up to 11,000 people and no more. There is also a daily limit to the number of people you can follow of 500.

The next issue is that a lot of people who you follow will not follow you back, so it is essential  to periodically unfollow everyone who has not followed you back, then you can start adding followers again.

So, to increase your following you will need to follow lots of people (up to 500 per day), then you will need to unfollow all those who do not follow you back (I would normally leave it 7 days before unfollowing).

Using these basic  rules your following will slowly, but surely, increase. This takes time and patience but as you get more followers the rate of increase will speed up.

Also if you haven’t already, get registered on Twellow.com

I do offer a service to do all of the above for you, but this comes at a cost of £50 ($75) per month. Email me at mark@webtrafficseo.co.uk/ if you are interested in this service

Hope the above helps and remember that you really have to be patient to grow your twitter following. If you follow the above rules then over time you will be able to build up a large following. There’s lots of ebooks and advice out there, and various tools, but the above is pretty much all I have used to get my 70,000+ followers.



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16 responses to “Follow me on Twitter”

  1. One of the best resources that I have found lately has been: http://tweepml.org/ I found this when registering for Podcamp Boston 5. It allows you to search for popular lists that people have shared and then mass follow them. Find people of similar interest that you would like to follow, and in return they’ll follow you.

  2. Katie Fenton says:

    We wrote a blog post about this some months ago – time consuming work but worth it in the end – you can of course pay someone to do it (like yourselves or us!) but it can be done during an evening when you are sitting doing nothing else! Blog post at http://aviemorebusiness.co.uk/blog/383/targeted-twitter-followers/ – hope that helps.

  3. Jon Thomas says:


    I realize you are in the business of SEO and web traffic, so I understand the idea that more followers (will probably) = more traffic. However, to me this is just one small step above the blood boiling feeling that you get when you receive a SPAM email and doesn’t necessarily equate to more business.

    Twitter is most useful as a relationship tool. If you’re just increasing followers for increasing followers sake, then you’re not getting it. Your followers will be untargeted and 99% will be HIGHLY unlikely to ever buy anything from you, even if they do choose to follow a link to your blog. A majority will be spam bots, porn stars, and other people who are using the service to selfishly and artificially grow their following and drive traffic to their site. If all I’m doing is trying to drive traffic, and all you’re doing is trying to drive traffic, and neither of us care to go to the other person’s site because we’re only in this for ourselves, then what happens?

    It’s greedy and gluttonous, two of the seven deadly social media sins that Scott Stratten (@UnMarketing) outlines in his new book. Scott, by the way, has nearly 67,000 followers. That’s less than you, but his were earned through offering valuable content and building solid relationships. Not through following/unfollowing. So when he launched his blog, he got 100k visitors in the first day – all people who really CARED about his content. This leads to more business than he can handle, speaking engagements up the wazoo, a book deal, and a 30 city book tour. Even if he had 100k followers, if they were artificially grown then very little would have resulted.

    Mark, I looked at your Twitter page and you’re actually on the right track. You interact with your followers, provide Follow Fridays, and show signs of humanity. More than I expected from someone claiming to grow followers. I feel like you’re so close, but yet so far. You’ve got potential, but you chose the side of the fence with cold callers, yellow pages, telemarketers, direct mail, billboards, bots and the like. All one-way streets only utilizing these new technologies to pump your own site, not to build relationships.

    It’s not the quantity of your Twitter audience, it’s the quality. There are people who have requested to be taken off Twitter’s recommendation list (the recommended followers that show up when you sign up, like Ashton Kutcher and Oprah) because while it greatly increased followership, they found little to no value in those followers. All it did was clog their @ replies with junk and didn’t result in much of any ReTweeting or traffic increase. There have been numerous studies of followership to clickthrough and sharing, and number of clickthroughs is directly proportionate to the quality of the idea, not the number of followers.

    I hope this comment fosters conversation instead of resentment. It’s not meant as a personal attack, but simply my opinion of a business technique. This post addressed the idea of “Grow followers fast!”, not SEO. Thank you for giving me a platform to do so.

    • Markcb says:

      Hi Jon, thanks for taking the time to comment. I do see where you are coming from and understand the quality versus quantity discussion. I’m not here to judge why people want more followers, but simply to advise them on how to do so.
      If a person wants a million followers then good luck to them, if they only want a hundred then that’s fine too. The choice is there for the individual to make. I talk to many people who only have a handful of followers and they are more than content with that, and I would never suggest that they should look to increase their following if they don’t want to.

      However the fact remains that many people do want to have a large following and if I can help them with that, then that’s ok. Personally I try to answer every DM and @reply that I am sent, although sometimes fail in this if time is too short. I also find that if you do interact with your following then you can gain some good friends from a personal point of view, and some excellent contacts from a business point of view. The added bonus of this is that the more you interact, then the more people tend to follow you.

      Thanks again for your comments, you make a lot of sense.


  4. Rich Wallace says:

    I’m of the Quality over Quantity faction as I’d rather have 100 followers that are interested and engaged rather than 100,000 that simply ignore their stream and have zero interest in my sharings (not to say it’s just about me, of course).

    I understand the whole Social Proof ideology and sure, the higher numbers “look” good,,,but after looking over some accounts, it’s hard to believe that strictly targeted accounts offering a specific service are truly going to benefit from following completely unrelated markets.

    Anyway, that’s my pair ‘o pennies, thanks for opening this up for conversation and have a good one!

  5. Hi Mark,

    On the debate of ‘following be quality or quantity’, I would say quality, but with a few question marks, because with quantity you increase information ‘noise’ / entropy (or lack focus in advertising a thought or concept), but in quality you enter the world if definitions, how do you define whether to follow someone perhaps that might be ‘worthy’ of your comments.. personally I just follow someone if I am interested in what they are saying, or share a similar concept – within my many or varied spheres of influence.

  6. Personally I believe it all depends upon your purpose to using social media. From a business perspective then you are going to want to gain targeted leads. For those of us in web design and SEO we are in a niche market and so are likely to be looking for other businesses that need an online presence or at least require a revamp of their existing offerings.

    Equally if you are a national retailer such as a supermarket then you are likely to be able to view just about anybody who has an online presence as a potential lead.

    If on the other hand you are a student then you may just want to collect followers to improve your social standing within your peer group. 20 years ago if you swapped telephone numbers with a person on a night out it was a big deal. 10 years ago everybody freely swapped mobile numbers to text each other. Nowadays people just ask if you’re on Facebook. Social media organisations like Facebook and Twitter aren’t stupid there’s a reason they tell you, and the world, how many friends/followers you have. It is little more than a vanity contest and lots of people are vain!

    There is a possible darker aspect to collecting followers on social networks. I believe that at some point in the future super users of networks like Facebook and Twitter are likely to be able to go to companies and demand goods from them in return for not publishing negative comments about the company to the individual million plus followers.

    In the meantime all businesses need to first of all work out why they are on a social network, what the advantages of it are and how best they can leverage the most from their social media efforts. For some it will be quantity, for others it will be quality. Remember though everybody knows somebody else and it might be that somebody else that you can reach through your followers.

    Good article, Mark.


  7. Griz says:


    This morning you followed me – I checked out your twitter page and immediately saw that you follow 87K and of them 80K followed you back. My instant thought was just another twitter spammer. Having read your post I think your legit so have to ask, what benefit do you find in using twitter as you do? Your traffic and comment count is low so your followers are not active in any way and many legit marketers are turned off by obvious twitter manipulation. ie. your stats are hurting you more than helping – if you had 80K followers and only followed a few hundred people I would be impressed. This would tell me you have a real following and have something of substance to say. The fake it till you make it tactics employed may work on the odd beginner but you are shooting yourself in the foot in the long run as the people you need to impress are immediately turned off. I’m not trying to flame you – just giving you a different point of view that you may not have considered.

    All the best.

    • Markcb says:

      Hi Griz, thanks for your comments.

      As usual Twitter sparks different points of view. Now you say that if I had 80k followers and only followed a few hundred people you would be impressed. Why? I don’t really get that. If someone follows me I follow them back, if they spam me then I will block them, that’s how I work and it works well for me.

      I see you have a couple of thousand followers, but only follow 69 people. Isn’t there a certain arrogance there? Are you saying that you are worth following but the people who follow you are not worth following back? I just don’t get that mentality. But that’s just me, I don’t get it but it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. We are all entitled to work as we see fit and you have chosen your way and that works well for you.

      There are no laws governing how you use Twitter so long as you are not creating fake accounts and spamming. And I am glad about that because it allows everyone to be different.

      Twitter is what it is.

      Thanks again

  8. Griz says:


    I use twitter to keep tabs on people I know or people who provide information I want to know about. Why follow 80k when you can’t really follow all those tweets? I only follow 70 people because that’s who provides what I want. I add new ones when I find someone that interests me. It’s not arrogance – just practicality.

    “Are you saying that you are worth following but the people who follow you are not worth following back?”

    No. My followers are saying “we follow you because we want to and are interested in what you say and we know you aren’t following us back nor do we expect it or take offense by it – or we wouldn’t still be following you”.

    I’m saying that it’s not a question of “are they worth following back?”. It’s a question of what you’re using twitter for. I don’t use it to market anything. It’s just a communication tool for me and I am not interested in having followers who aren’t interested in my work. If someone follows me just to have me follow them back then I ignore them – its just spam to me and I get dozens of new followers every day that unfollow me the next day. It’s time consuming checking them out (like I did you) to see who’s legit and might interest me. Btw by not following everyone I lend credibility within my niche to the people I do follow and they tend to get many of my followers following them as I have “endorsed” them as people I find useful, interesting etc within my niche.

    As I asked you, what benefit do you get from your use of twitter? Again this isn’t an attack as I would like to know. If there is a benefit that I’m unaware of then its something I should know given what I do. I understand you wrote this post because many people want to know how to game (sorry what you do is a game – good or bad) twitter and hell it’s a good way to get some traffic but I’m just interested in what your results are using this tactic. I’m not too old to try a new trick if it can benefit me. Perhaps a post outlining your results?

    Thanks Mark

    • Markcb says:

      Hello again Grizz!

      Results? I wouldn’t be able to say really. I don’t particularly use it for my business, just to chat to people. Sure, I have my link in the bio and drop links aboout blog posts, but if you look at my tweets, it’s hard to find the links in amongst the general chat. Certainly my tweet to link ratio is much, much lower than yours.

      I have got customers from twitter, of course, once they get to know me and know what I am about then they come to me for advice and it goes from there. But twitter isn’t where I get most of my work from and I certainly don’t use it exclusively as a marketing tool.

      You say you don’t use Twitter to market anything, but come on, you are using it to promote a ‘make money online’ website! There’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t be in denial! A quick look at your tweets and it’s August since you posted without popping a link in there! This is marketing, maybe not direct marketing, but definitely marketing.

      Seriously, why not use Twitter a little more to be engaging, show a bit of yourself on there, join in with follow friday and say hello to new followers. It’s a great way to meet new people and talk to people from all over the world.

      Ultimately just keep doing whatever you feel is right and learn some new tricks if you can.



  9. jitbit says:

    I’m with Grizz here. If a Twitter user follows thousands – he sure can’t keep up with their tweets. So the moment I see someone following 80k – I consider it a spam account.

    On the contrary, when I see a Twitter account FOLLOWED by thousands and FOLLOWING only a bunch of people – that’s a clear indication of an interesting person.

  10. sophia says:

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  11. laura says:

    @Laura0812x follow me on twitter ill follow back =] <3 x

  12. becky says:

    _beckymae i’ll follow back, promise :)

  13. Reece says:

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