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Content is King

March 20th, 2011

Content is still King. And this is great news for us all.

With the recent Farmer’s Update on its ever changing algorithm Google has given a clear indication that content is king. This update targeted content farms and sites that had scraped articles from various sources, due to a mad rush to get as much content onto websites as possible as this benefited rankings.

Now then, Google’s ultimate aim is to give its users the best surfing experience. If a search is returning a stack of low quality, duplicated articles then this is clearly in no-one’s interest. And so the farmer update. Suddenly sites that had been top of the rankings found their traffic numbers plummeting. I know this from experience. I have many ‘tester’ sites, sites that I use to practise and test certain SEO techniques on, and one of these was a low quality scraper site. Its traffic dropped by 90% overnight!

This was something I have been expecting for some time, I was surprised how long this update had taken to materialise, and I must admit I was equally surprised at just how hard hitting it was on the traffic numbers. Fortunately this was just a test site which has been battered and bruised over the years with various experiments performed upon it!

However, and this is the key point, my other sites have seen an increase in rankings. This SEO site and my Hypnosis site have articles and content written only by myself, with maybe 1 article from the BBC. And reports from all around the web are exactly the same. Article directories and content farms have been hit hard; sites with well written, unique content have seen a rise in visitors.

Ezinearticles  were reported to have been hit with a 35% reduction in traffic, even though they deny being a content farm, and so are putting measures in place to protect themselves.  These measures include increasing the minimum word count to 400, increasing quality checks and no longer accepting articles via wordpress plugin and API. They have to do this to ensure their site is seen as a good source of quality content. I like Ezinearticles and have been submitting articles there for years (and will continue to do so) but in the last 2 years I have been using only them and not submitting the same article to the many, many other article directories, simply because I didn’t want a whole load of duplicate content pointing back at my site. And now I am glad I took this decision!

So, in my opinion, this is all good news. If you write useful, well written articles, blog posts and web copy then you have nothing to fear from the Farmer Update and everything to gain. Put some thought into what you write and thing about who is going to be reading it. There will be other major changes to the search engine algorithms over the coming years, of that you can be sure, but if you stick to the basics then content will always be King.

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