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Be Careful What You Tweet

March 28th, 2012

Great article on the BBC website today regarding those who have found themselves in prison due to impulsive and ill thought out tweets.

Plenty of food for thought.

What can and can’t you say on Twitter?

A student who made racially offensive comments about footballer Fabrice Muamba on Twitter has been jailed for 56 days – the latest case where a comment made on social media has landed someone in court.

Read the full article here…


One response to “Be Careful What You Tweet”

  1. Pat W. says:

    Social-media-etiquette articles remind me: Before putting thoughts on the screen, think twice. Once on the screen, look carefully. Twice. Would I say, to the person’s face, what I have just written? (And if I would, what would be the result down the road—and probably Not Very Far Down? Do I want to have to deal with that result, whatever it is?)

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