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Are You Getting The Most From Your PPC?

August 30th, 2013

Make The Most of Your PPC Budget

Do you know if the money you’re spending on advertising is generating leads for your business? With our unqiue PPC platform, a cost-effective advertising tracking tool, you can track your advertising campaigns and get details on your phone calls, emails, web visits and more.

Call Tracking.  Call Tracking Software

With our unqiue PPC platform call tracking system, you can see and hear exactly how your campaigns are performing. We place a trackable phone number on your advertising, then report the details of every call back to you, including caller ID, time and duration. We also record every call so you can listen to and rate them to identify opportunities for improvement.

Web Tracking.

With a trackable URL placed in your advertising, we record every visit to your website and report the details to you, including page views, emails and form submissions. And thanks to our Reverse Proxy technology, we do it all without ever having to touch your website.

Real Time Reporting.

Get a complete view of your marketing efforts with detailed online reports, available 24/7. Your robust reports show true conversion details for each type of advertising you track, which helps you make better marketing decisions and steer your spend towards the types of advertising that drives better results for your business.

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