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Affordable Blog Hosting

April 15th, 2010

Affordable Blog Hosting

Well, there is only one choice for me. (OK…maybe two) Most of my blogs are hosted here and you can host an unlimited amount for less than $10 per month. A no brainer as they say. That company is Hostgator

Best Blog Host

I would recommend them whole heartedly for affordable blog hosting. After all, we want our blogs to be hosted cheaply and reliably, and with a guaranteed 99% up-time. My personal experience with Hostgator is a 100% up-time!

An alternative that you may wish to explore is Bluehost. Again similar pricing and guaranteed uptime.

So click the links above or the banner below for the most affordable blog hosting in the business.


A weblog web hosting company is a business or an individual that “hosts” ones weblog on their private server. If you want to arrange your personalized blog, going for the weblog web hosting supplier is in all probability among the most perplexing tasks.

Ever since blogging has turn out to be a enterprise in which businesses employ bloggers to take on various topics ranging between consumer electronics to the greatest films of all time, selecting one of the best website hosting company may be the biggest aspect to succeed in a blogging business.

If looking around for weblog hosting suppliers, it is possible to restrict your exploration simply by dividing them into 3 groups – unique blog hosting providers, hosting providers and hosting resellers. Unique blog web hosting companies and hosting suppliers provide both professional and gratis services.

Weblog Hosting Suppliers: Understand Your Alternatives as a Blogger

If selecting a blog hosting company, you must decide your blogging requirements plus preferences and also the designed function of the web site. Many people produce sites as a private journal, whereas many individuals develop blogs to make income. Deciding on your planned function is a component in deciding on the blog web hosting supplier that may meet your requirements.

In case you’re not acquainted with HTML or different encoding, you could seek hosting vendors that allows uncomplicated, no- setup interfaces for websites. On the other hand, if you need to have absolute control by entirely customizing the blog, one might look for blog hosting providers that provide unlimited functions and opportunities for bloggers.

Not like free of charge hosting suppliers, blog hosting companies can offer additional probability of a blogger’s exposure versus paid blog hosting, especially if you wish to arrange a blog to make capital. This is as a result of common blog hosting firms, that are on the leading list of the search engines results, may offer the blog exposure to a broader audience as a result of the programmed encoding integrated in the service.

On the other hand, if you decide to host your blog with hosting firms, you’ll be in charge of appearance, template, interface, add- ons to incorporate as well as additional capabilities you wish to incorporate in your blog. Nonetheless, if selecting web hosting companies instead of blog hosting companies, ensure that you’ve got simple understanding of HTML, various encoding techniques and strategies to promote your web site.

Simply put, picking the blog hosting company relies on how well it is possible to produce, control and promote your blog site. When you are an IT- savvy individual and you need complete control over the website, maybe go with a paid hosting service provider. On the other hand, if you need to blog to make money, to produce your private journal or to acquire immediate fame without encoding or HTML understanding, then your better bet can be to go with blog hosting providers.

3 responses to “Affordable Blog Hosting”

  1. Never used either of these hosts, have used the following.

    1and1: hosted in Germany,good product, expensive, rubbish customer service, don’t recommend
    Servage: Also hosted in Germany, dirt cheap, few quid per year, quick install wordpress and other blogging platforms, no major issues, service good
    UKhost4u: UK host, good for search engines / ranking (if UK site), fairly cheap, seems OK, although not been with long enough yet.
    Godaddy: USA hosted, looks good, however lots of issues with .co.uk domains, always trying to sell, quite complex to make changes, difficult to see the wood for the trees, don’t recommend!!


    • Markcb says:

      I suppose it’s all down to personal experience, I’ve never had too much trouble with godaddy. Generally I will purchase domains through godaddy and host with hostgator. Keeps it simple and works for me!
      Each to their own though.

      Thanks for your comments.

  2. Lister Hosting says:

    I have never used blue host but agree that hosting is important when thinking of having ones own blog

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